Australian Pastoral
Private Collection

This superb river gum tree is practically a landscape in itself, and I really enjoyed modelling the voluptuous trunk, and gorgeous colouring so typical of eucalyptus trees. This was a dry creek bed in the southern Flinders Ranges, and the sheep were no afterthought, but an integral part of this harsh, beautiful part of Australia.

Mixed Flock
Private Collection

This is another South Australian scene, this time in the interior of wonderful Kangaroo Island. This was my second visit, and a ten year drought had not yet broken – the pastures were tinder dry. The title refers to this not being a typical flock of merinos or corriedales, but a mix of 4-5 different breeds of sheep. The monotone colouring really appealed to me here, and it brought to mind for me the great frieze of the Parthenon in the British Museum – majestic processions of livestock in profile.

Morning Sun
Private Collection
This was the first of a series of watercolours I’ve done now, jostling sheep filling the picture. Sheep, in this case merinos, have such character in their faces, and it’s amazing how after a number of similar paintings now, I really have begun to see just how different each animal is. These were penned up at the Royal Canberra Show a few years ago, and I visited them a number of times, early in the morning here as sun streaked through the trees.

Private Collection

Another in this series, here I lightened the tones quite considerably, ‘flattening’ the perspective somewhat for a more decorative effect. Again there’s a single face that the eye is drawn to, amidst many placid expressions and a sea of beautiful, fine merino wool.

‘El Toro’
Black Galloway Bull
Collection of Glenburn Station

This was a commission to paint the champion bull, ‘El Toro’, whom I first saw at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2010. I was invited to Glenburn Station a few months later, to see him in his home paddock in the beautiful Yarra Valley, and this is the resulting painting. I loved joining the long tradition of depicting prized livestock, and these are some of my favourite commissions.

The Blue Door
Corriedale sheep
Collection of the Artist

This painting depicts the shearing shed of some good friends at their wonderful 170 year old property in western Victoria. I love visiting the farm and sketching around this glorious bluestone shed, and amongst their flocks of corriedale sheep. I was in a phase of being, more than usually, obsessed by the great American realist painter Andrew Wyeth, and this painting is a reaction to him – a typical spare palette, with a single colourful element, this lovely powder blue door.